Never (Never!) Feed Designers Chocolate after 5 p.m.

Web designers and art directors get in the zone when they’re pushing towards a deadline. Coding, cropping, photoshopping…overall obsessing. Don’t even think about interrupting.

But every so often, they need a break. Sometimes that break includes copious amounts of chocolate. And sometimes after eating said chocolate, the creative team gets loopy.

Such was the setup on the evening of Friday, Nov. 13. Rather than eating their chocolate and going on a walk around the block for fresh air, they returned too quickly to their wide-screen monitors. Fueled by the buzz of sugar and caffeine, things got weird.

First, Art Director Ben Patriquin decided to “fix” what he perceived at the time to be overly rounded ears and chin in his new CanaleComm profile photo. Meanwhile, Digital Director Jeremiah Nellis sought to add some sparkle to his big blue eyes. Once they were done with their own photos, they started up on the rest of the team. Fortunately, Account Manager Kelsey Hollenbeck stopped them just as they were adding a tribal tattoo to the left bicep of Senior Vice President Heidi Chokeir.

Original photos were preserved. But the evidence remains here, on the CanaleComm blog, as a serious reminder to all of us of what can go wrong when you feed the creative team chocolate after 5 p.m.