3 Reasons the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit Is More Exciting Than the Olympics

It may not feature Michael Phelps or medal-winning gymnasts, but the first-ever Precision Medicine Leaders Summit — convening in San Diego later this week — brings an all-star lineup of scientists, policymakers and innovators seeking to advance the world of personalized health care. This is the stuff that gets our blood pumping, even more so than the summer games in Rio.

The summit’s agenda includes speakers from around the world, covering critical topics such as new noninvasive diagnostics for cancer, FDA hurdles, reimbursement and big data. (Take a peek at the lineup here.) The goal of the summit is to skip the boring rhetoric and have open discussion that leads to real solutions.

So while many people have their attention focused on Brazil, here are the top three reasons we’re counting down the minutes until the Precision Medicine Leaders Summit kicks off its “opening ceremonies” on Aug. 10 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt:

  1. Actor Stanley Tucci’s Live Broadcast.

Who knew the Academy Award-nominee and Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor, known for “The Lovely Bones,” “The Hunger Games” and “Julie & Julia” (our personal favorite), also has a passion for precision medicine? We’re eager to hear what he has to say on the topic of patient advocacy.

  1. Update from the White House.

What’s the latest on the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative? A representative from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy bring us all up to speed. Bonus: Elizabeth Baca of the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research will also discuss accelerating precision medicine in California.

  1. All the Right Players in One Place.

As we navigate the world of precision medicine, new healthcare challenges demand the attention of cross-industry expertise. How do we use new technologies to combat Zika and other infectious diseases? How can we do a better job of thoughtfully implementing all of the great innovations that emerge in R&D? How can big data improve patient care? The summit brings together diverse perspectives with a solutions-focused dialogue, and we’re eager to see what new thinking emerges.

Learn more about the 2016 Precision Medicine Leaders Summit and register at www.precisionmedicineleaderssummit.com.

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