As Account Director at Canale Communications, Cammy Duong provides strategic counsel and tactical execution to tell the best story for the right audience at the right time. Passionate about storytelling and working collaboratively with journalists, Cammy helps create powerful narratives that center on healthcare innovation and improving human life.

Cammy brings years of communications experience across financial, patient and scientific communities, helping to launch, brand and increase awareness of companies ranging from venture-backed startups to large pharmaceutical companies. As a “boomerang” team member, Cammy started her career at Canale Communications as its first intern, moved her way up to account manager, and then returned to the agency in December 2018 after living in Boston.

In Boston, Cammy served as Account Director at MacDougall Biomedical Communications, where she served as investor relations officer for newly-public firms and managed an array of media and thought leadership campaigns. She earned a B.A. in journalism and media studies and a B.S. in recreation tourism management with an emphasis in sustainability from San Diego State University.

Cammy, a living example of the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages,” enjoys traveling, trying new cuisines and slowly chipping away at her never-ending list of movies and shows that she’s been told are “must watch.” Feel free to reach out with cinematic suggestions at or connect on LinkedIn.