Katherine Smith is a Senior Account Associate, combining her academic background in science and business to assist with strategic media relations and communications for life science companies. She lends her expertise in translating complex science into digestible language, and helps account leads with day-to-day tasks that range from social media tracking to content development.

Prior to joining CanaleComm, Katherine facilitated recruitment programs, initiated social media campaigns and oversaw internal communications as publicity chair for Saltman Quarterly, University of California, San Diego’s award-winning biology research journal. She was also an active member of numerous biology organizations and participated in events such as the Biotechathlon, a two-day competition hosted by Genentech.

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Science in general biology with a minor in business marketing from UCSD.

When she’s not nerding out on the latest scientific innovations, she can be found watching movies with friends late at night, creating watercolor masterpieces and dreaming about her next travel destination.