Rachel plays a critical role at Canale Comm as Executive Assistant to the CEO, Carin Canale-Theakston, managing all key tasks that keep things running smoothly administratively, as well as lending direct finance support to the Director of Finance and Operations, Brian Delanese.

Prior to joining CanaleComm, Rachel provided executive and administrative support in a New York City civil engineering firm, then transitioned to the healthcare industry upon moving to California.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University, which she credits for her love of research – a skill she puts to use daily in her executive assistant role.

Outside of the office, Rachel enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, and enjoying live music and fine wine. Rachel especially loves traveling cross country to her native New Jersey, where as the oldest of six children she can check in on her parents and siblings.

Rachel’s favorite memory of working at CanaleComm is reciting the names of everyone in the company at her first all-hands meeting, on her fourth day on the job – a feat that earned her a standing ovation.