Sumitra Gupta is an Account Manager at CanaleComm, where she collaborates with a vast array of clients who are thinking outside the box to build a better future for people and patients around the world. She focuses on media relations, conference planning, project management and client relations.

An entrepreneur-at-heart, Sumitra has a special zeal for working with early-stage clients, as it provides her with a front-row seat to the creative underpinnings that support a successful life science venture.

Sumitra holds a B.S. in biopsychology from University of California, Santa Barbara, and has earned two public relations certificates from the National University of Singapore.

During her studies, Sumitra taught English to impoverished women in India and worked as a volunteer at an eye clinic near the west-central Indian city of Indore. An avid world explorer, Sumitra has spent time in France, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Alaska and many other interesting places. She is trilingual, speaking fluent English, Hindi and Persian, and she is creator of one of the most popular Middle Eastern playlists on Spotify.

Sumitra joined CanaleComm in March 2017.