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Science is multi-faceted, and so are we. Our unique personalities, quirks and interests unite to create a collaborative and enthusiastic team. And we have just as much fun outside the office as we do inside it, whether that means taking a walk down to our local coffee shop or enjoying a spontaneous happy hour.

Mission & Values.

At CanaleComm, we’re on a mission to communicate medicine’s future. Our shared values help make this grand vision a reality.

Life at CanaleComm.

Sure, we’re communicators. But we’re also artists, scientists, big thinkers,
storytellers and patient advocates. Above all else, we’re your partners:
launching you to wherever you need to go.

Job openings.

If you’re the right person, we’re on the grow and hiring at all levels. If you have a background in communications, creative, especially with an emphasis on the biotech industry, send us your resume.

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The biotech industry is one of the most innovative, inspiring – and financially rewarding – industries in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also an industry significantly lacking in diversity especially with racial minorities, notably Black people. This disparity is mirrored within the life science communications field.

Why? No doubt access to opportunity plays a significant role.

At its core, this is why CanaleComm formed BE in Biotech: a program that can help provide more equal access to opportunities within our field. We are working with diligence and intention to instill equity within our company. And, given our deep reach and network within the biotech industry, we are hopeful we can help instill equity within our industry and community, too. Our mission for BE in Biotech is to be a step on the path towards equity and empowerment for people of color.

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