Every Biotech CEO Should Be Writing Commentary Articles

(Plus: 4 Steps for Getting Started)

A thought leadership campaign gives you power to influence your industry and become widely recognized among the right people as a respected, credible expert on topics that matter to your organization.

There are many platforms through which you demonstrate your thought leadership, and your favorite industry publications are chief among them. Editors at nearly every life science and business magazine are willing to publish provoking articles on topics that interest the audience. So if you’re an expert with an interesting perspective to share, the media world is your oyster.

CanaleComm works with companies from across the life science landscape to identify topics, develop articles and place them in desired media outlets. Here are some tips on getting started with your commentary piece:

  1. Determine your audience. Who are you seeking to influence? What are the websites and publications in these niche areas?
  1. Take a stance. Are you ready to challenge your audience to think differently about something? Do you have a clear point of view? What are the hot topics in your industry, and what new ideas can you present to offer greater clarity? Choose a topic that will educate your audience.
  1. Step outside of your geek zone. If you assume everyone knows how CAR-T therapies work, you’re setting yourself up for a big surprise. Avoid jargon and explain scientific concepts clearly, even if you are writing to a sophisticated audience. This doesn’t mean you have to “dumb it down” (we don’t like that phrase). Rather, explain it in a way that an educated non-scientist would understand.
  1. Think beyond the publication date. After your commentary piece is published, let the world know. This is prime content for social media channels including LinkedIn, print-outs for conferences and editorial material for your website.

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