Every Day We’re Shuffling

“OK, let’s knock this out. I have 8 minutes before my next call.”

Carin isn’t talking about revisions to a press release or a status update on a client. She’s referring to a shuffleboard game. The shuffleboard semi-finals, to be exact.

Shuffleboard has become a part of daily life at CanaleComm’s Mission Hills office since the table arrived in one huge box in July, begging to be immediately assembled and waxed. After months of practice, the first official office tournament kicked off in October. Teams were randomly selected, scoring rules were clarified and coins were flipped.

In the end, team of Jason Spark and Cammy Duong (a.k.a. Team Jammy) prevailed. The grand prize: $100 worth of tacos and margaritas—hopefully to be shared with the losers. The next tournament is scheduled for the end of the year. And until then, our intense daily training regimen will continue.

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