Edico: The New Thought Leader for Big-Data Genomics

The situation: Genomic medicine is exploding as DNA sequencing costs dramatically decrease. But a new bottleneck has emerged: big data. Entering this space was startup Edico Genome and its product DRAGEN, the first computer chip to reduce analysis times from 20 hours to 20 minutes and take the place of large, expensive servers while maintaining high accuracy. DRAGEN was ready for launch, but Edico and its founder and CEO were unknown in the life science space. 

The plan: Through a multi-pronged communications campaign that included media relations, contributed articles, social media and national awards opportunities, CanaleComm positioned DRAGEN as a game-changing solution to the big data problem in genomics and rightfully established the CEO as a key industry thought leader.

The result: The campaign helped Edico exceed revenue goals by 200 percent in less than one year after product launch, generate more than 175 customer inquiries and forge numerous collaborations with leaders in genomics. Bylined articles appeared in Nature and Xconomy, while a YouTube video that CanaleComm produced helped to position the CEO as an industry visionary, gaining more than 1,000 views and dozens of reposts on social media and other websites. In addition, CanaleComm secured six speaking opportunities and successfully nominated DRAGEN for The Scientist’s No. 1. innovation of 2014.