Editorial Content for Life Science Magazine

The situation: Biocom, the trade organization for Southern California’s booming biotechnology sector, relies on its quarterly print magazine, LifeLines, to communicate important policy news, industry happenings and educational benefits to more than 700 member companies. However, the organization operates with a lean-and-mean communications staff that simply doesn’t have the bandwidth for developing journalistic-style cover features for the magazine. Biocom brought on CanaleComm’s content team create original, compelling articles to engage its influential readership. 

The plan: The CanaleComm team works closely with Biocom’s staff to propose feature story topics for each issue of the magazine. Once ideas are approved, the content team runs with it, crafting a 2,000-word cover article complete with cover art suggestions, layout guidance and an engaging storyline that resonates with readers. Cover story topics have ranged from trends in clinical genomics and digital health to New Year’s forecasts by the region’s top biotech leaders. 

The results: In addition to consistently positive feedback from Biocom’s membership, CanaleComm’s editorial work for LifeLines won a first-place 2015 San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism Award.