Complex Science Inspires Stunning Logo

The situation: eFFECTOR Therapeutics was a start-up company with an admittedly start-up logo—the logo mark was crafted, in fact, by one of the company’s lead chemists. But as the drug development company’s science and business plan matured, and as the company increasingly interacted with potential investors, its management team sought a more sophisticated look for its visual communications. eFFECTOR worked with CanaleComm to create a more cohesive, polished look that would differentiate the company among investors and help tell the story of its eFFECTOR’s unique science.

The plan: At first, eFFECTOR toyed with the idea of just tweaking its original logo. Would it be a brand evolution or revolution? With guidance from CanaleComm’s creative and strategic PR team, the company went with the latter approach. A striking new color palette of bold greens, salmon and dark gray replaced the staid palette of the past. While at first hesitant to replace its original molecule logo, the eFFECTOR team fell in love with the new logo mark that illustrated the swooshing messenger RNA, the ribosome and the regulating effect of the company’s approach. As a nod to the original logo, CanaleComm designed business cards in the shape of the molecule.


The results: The successful logo redesign project led to a clean, new PowerPoint presentation template that leveraged the new color palette to make an impact. And that led to a range of other communications collateral that have inspired confidence among the critical investor audience. Having a polished presence removes distractions and allows investors to focus on the details that matter. “A deep understanding of the science helped to inform the logo,” says CanaleComm art director Ben Patriquin. “We had to develop the story first.”