Emotional Video Captures a Patient’s Brain Cancer Story

The situation: Tocagen, a company developing an investigational treatment for aggressive brain cancer, wanted to forge a stronger connection with the patient audience and educate the public on issues that patients and their families face following a diagnosis. The company, with the help of CanaleComm, decided to seek out patients and help tell their story on video, thereby providing camaraderie and support to other patients who may feel isolated or discouraged. In addition, the video would offer useful information on Tocagen’s ongoing clinical trial.

The plan: First was the matter of finding a patient with high grade glioma (HGG) who was feeling well enough to be on video. A vibrant San Diego patient emerged, with full support of his family. The patient was doing well on Tocagen’s clinical trial and happy to share his story to benefit others. Diagnosis of brain cancer can come out of the blue and be devastating to patients; he understood that his powerful story would offer hope to the patient community at large. CanaleComm produced the video shoot, providing pre-shoot preparation to the family and videographer, orchestrating on-site coordination on the day of the shoot, and editing the video to perfection.

The results: The video, filmed at the patient’s home and florist business, offered an emotional yet uplifting snapshot of how a patient’s life continues after a brain cancer diagnosis. On YouTube, the video has surpassed 2,000 views, and the number continues to grow. CanaleComm helped to share the video with patient advocacy groups, and is now working with Tocagen on additional patient videos that will help inspire the community. The patient’s family also was pleased with the end result, sending compliments to CanaleComm on the special sensitivity and attention to detail that created such a moving tribute to their much-loved patriarch.