Scientific Illustrations That Explain a Drug’s Mechanism of Action

The situation: Prothena, a biotechnology company that’s creating protein immunotherapies for Parkinson’s and other progressive diseases, needed a better way to visually communicate its innovative yet complex science. With the goal of presenting a story that investors and patients would understand and remember, the company wanted to leverage visual storytelling without sacrificing scientific accuracy.

The plan: CanaleComm’s team worked closely with scientists and executives at Prothena to craft a logical and accurate storyboard, along with a unique branded style for its illustrations. The art depicts the mechanism of action for the company’s PRX003 therapeutic program, which addresses inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

The results: Utilizing Prothena’s color palette and a dynamic, flexible 2D style, CanaleComm’s art director designed a series of scientific illustrations for Prothena’s investor presentation. The illustrations communicate the proposed mechanism of action for PRX003 in an aesthetically pleasing and relatively simple manner, making it easier for all audiences to comprehend and appreciate the power of Prothena’s scientific approach. CanaleComm continues to develop illustrations in a similar style for Prothena’s other development programs, bringing consistency to a suite of visual communications tools that are leveraged in investor presentations and patient-facing materials.