Showcasing Antibody Innovation on Revamped CytomX Website

The situation: Biotech companies often save innovation for the lab and play it safe with creative design, sticking to conservative formats and color palettes that have become biotech industry standards. But CytomX Therapeutics wanted to break out of this traditional mold and raise the bar with a modern, forward-looking website. The company partnered with CanaleComm to develop a new online platform to represent its novel antibody technology, innovative spirit and unique corporate culture.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.37.43 AM

The plan: Working under a tight timeframe, which was dictated by an upcoming financing milestone for CytomX, the CanaleComm team updated the company’s visual branding, developed a truly unique look and feel for scientific illustrations and launched a cutting-edge, custom-built corporate website. The team leveraged the existing logo, but incorporated new secondary and tertiary colors and custom-designed scientific imagery to create a unique, differentiated visual brand and evoke a feeling of innovation. Our art director oversaw a photo shoot to capture beautiful updated images for the website, and our director of digital strategy ensured that the site employed the best-possible user experience. New, targeted web copy tied it all together.

The results: Not only was client feedback extremely positive, but the website gained increased visibility from the targeted investor audience due to more effective site indexing on Google and other search engines. The new site has also helped CytomX to recruit new employees, while updated colors and imagery have provided a more polished and engaging presence that better reflects the trailblazing nature of the company.