Vote Now for Your Favorite SXSW Science and Health Panels

The countdown is on for South by Southwest (SXSW), otherwise known as the coolest conference of the year for biotech and life science companies.

Held every March in Austin, SXSW still upholds its reputation as a hipster-filled festival of techies, artists and musicians. But today, it’s also a whole lot more than that. The conference has dramatically expanded since its founding in the late 1980s, and now includes a growing track of leading-edge science and health topics with notable speakers from all facets of life science.

Drawing roughly 70,000 attendees — not to mention a flurry of peripheral Meetup groups, concerts and discussions that aren’t officially connected with the conference — SXSW attracts people who are impassioned, educated and young (read: millennial), representing a prime audience for companies with high-impact, breakthrough science to share.

But one of the best parts of the SXSW is the social aspect. The conference allows anyone to propose topics and vote on which sessions should be a part of the mammoth conference. In fact, the SXSW PanelPicker voting process accounts for nearly a third of the organizers’ decision on whether to feature a topic.

This year, let’s make life science a bigger part of SXSW. To vote, set up a profile (it takes just a minute) and browse through all Health & Wellness and Intelligent Future tracks to “vote up” your favorite topics by Aug. 25. Here are seven panels that we have deemed especially worthy of your vote. We’re proud to say that all of these sessions feature clients of CanaleComm:

  • Harnessing Nature to Create a Sustainable Future. Like a machine, living cells can be programmed; their DNA code is their operating system. Cell-enabled products are destined to drive future economies and create disruptive solutions for medicine, fashion, energy and design. Hear from people at the cusp of this new bio-industrial revolution, creating solutions once thought impossible. (Featuring Synthetic Genomics) Vote now!
  • Healing Healthcare’s Reputation. Advances in science have shifted the course of deadly diseases, but have done little to improve the biopharmaceutical industry’s reputation. For an industry that innovates and heals, it’s time for change. (Featuring Prothena Corp.) Vote now!
  • These Genome Writers Will Change Medicine. These scientists are creating solutions for healthcare’s biggest challenges, from new therapeutics for devastating diseases to reducing production costs of expensive medicine. This panel features a new breed of bioengineers — the genome writers – who are doing science for good. (Featuring Synthetic Genomics) Vote now!
  • Recruiters Tell All: The Quest for Gender Equality. Ellen’s Pao’s lawsuit. Harassment by tech venture capitalists. Hiring scantily clad models at a biotech party. Join us for a dialogue with two individuals at the front lines of change who will share insights into barriers and solutions that will catapult us towards equality. (Featuring Toft Group) Vote now!
  • Are We Prepared for the Next Influenza Pandemic? In 1918, the Spanish Flu killed nearly 5% of the global population, attacking even the healthiest individuals. One hundred years later, would we be able to stop such a pandemic? See how agencies are synchronizing social, medical and government response to prepare for the next pandemic outbreak. (Featuring Synthetic Genomics) Vote now!
  • Bracing for a New Age of Longevity. With advancements in health, people will live longer, and those extra years will be more vibrant and productive. But the growing number of older Americans will change current economies, and require important societal adjustments — from the workplace and housing to travel and technology. This panel looks at the good, bad and bewildering impacts of a global population expected to include 2+ billion people aged 60+ by 2050. (Featuring Unity Biotechnology) Vote now!
  • How Will We Feed 9.7 Billion People? By 2150 we will need to feed 2 billion more people than today. Some estimate the crop production will need to double to support the population demand. Can we alter diets to put less demand on unsustainable crop production? Are there more efficient ways to grow food? With the population growing by 83 million each year, solutions are needed now. Meet some of the individuals on the front lines. (Featuring Synthetic Genomics) Vote now!
  • Putting the ‘Personal’ in Personalized Medicine. While personalized medicines help narrow down which patient groups are most likely to respond to treatment, they are not truly personalized to the individual. This, however, is changing. Futurists envision treatments where cancer drugs are custom made on-demand based on the DNA signature of the patient’s disease. What is the holy grail of personalized medicine? How far away are we? (Featuring Synthetic Genomics) Vote now!

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