Using Emotion to Raise Capital: Upping the Game in Your Next Investor Presentation

CanaleComm President and Founder Carin Canale-Theakston gets excited about a good story, and she believes investors do, too.

But data, on its own, doesn’t usually tell a very good story. Companies who are trying to win over investors need to be sure their presentations also include the other critical element: emotion.

In a feature article published in Life Science Leader magazine, Contributing Editor Gail Dutton interviewed Carin for advice on how to create an emotional connection with investors. Here are some excerpts from the article.

  • Tell investors something they don’t know. “Making an emotional connection isn’t just about discussing unmet need or market potential; investors know about both of those things already.” Go beyond empirical evidence to discuss what your innovation means to patients or physicians, why that matters, and why your company’s approach is best.
  • Leave them wanting more. To counter the urge to present all the details in the first meeting or two, Carin advises her clients to tell their stories like novelists. “Think of it as a funnel approach. Start the narrative at a high level. Then go deeper based upon your audience’s responses. Let them guide you.”
  • Don’t use PowerPoint as a crutch. “Investors don’t invest in PowerPoint, they invest in you!” Carin stresses. “CEOs will work on PowerPoint presentations for hours, without thinking about how to speak to the slides.”
  • Close strong. “In addition to a compelling opening and engrossing content, your story needs a closing that will grab the attention of your audience,” Carin says. What makes a good closing is being company-specific. It may be good data from a just-completed clinical trial, a patient, or physician discussing the value of the innovation.

Read the full article, Building a Narrative: Develop Emotional Connections to Raise Capital, on Life Science Leader’s website. 

August 2015 Issue of Life Science Leader Magazine

The full article appears in the August 2015 issue of Life Science Leader Magazine, now available online.

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