Just like with medicine, we’ve moved past one-size-fits-all approaches. We ensure each client’s communications strategy is tailored just for them. Your story is unique, and we build a custom program that’s rooted in your specific business objectives.

The story we tell depends on the audience you’re seeking. Do you need to appeal to public investors as you embark on the road to IPO? We’ll reframe your messaging, aid in drafting your S-1 and help you identify the best bank syndicate to meet your needs. Or perhaps you need to enroll patients in your clinical trial—we created targeted traditional and social media plans, create advocacy materials and engage with the KOL community.

Employee recruits. Clinicians. Venture capitalists. Scientific advisors. The list goes on, and so do we: the endless amount of our experience guarantees that we tell the right story to the right people.

At its core, science is synergistic. From the micro cell to the macro industry-at-large, multiple components must work together to get the job done. At CanaleComm’s core, our integrated communications approach is no different. Our services build on one another to create a strategy that fits for you.

Ashfield Healthcare

As a part of the Ashfield Healthcare network, we can fill any biotech communications need at any stage of development. This includes medical affairs, patient solutions and commercialization strategies, among others.

and Message Development





Patient and Clinical Communications

Positioning and Message Development

  1. Corporate positioning
  2. Product positioning
  3. Branding and rebranding strategy

Corporate Communications

  1. Ongoing strategic communication planning
  2. Press release writing, editing and pitching
  3. Ongoing trend story development and pitching
  4. Media training
  5. Crisis communications planning and support
  6. Medical and scientific meeting support
  7. Crisis communications
  8. Data/product communications and launch
  9. Scientific publications planning
  10. Social media strategy and content

Content Development

  1. Thought leadership strategy and execution
  2. Storytelling
  3. Copywriting
  4. White papers
  5. Contributed articles

Creative Services

  1. Website design and development
  2. Brand collateral
  3. Logo design
  4. Scientific illustrations
  5. User experience and interface design
  6. Web apps
  7. Microsites
  8. Photo and video shoot planning and management
  9. Color palette development
  10. Visual storytelling
  11. Infographics

Investor Relations

  1. IPO preparedness and communications
  2. Corporate presentation development
  3. Roadshow planning and support
  4. Script development
  5. Investor and analyst days
  6. Conference event planning
  7. Annual report content and design
  8. Perception and spot audits

Patient and Clinical Communications

  1. Patient recruitment strategy
  2. KOL community engagement
  3. Disease awareness campaigns
  4. Advocacy materials development


Our clients are reshaping how we think about medicine, disease and health. Take a look at who we’re partnering with to help turn big ideas into life-changing treatments.


It’s the big things, but sometimes it’s the little things. ‘Success’ can take on many different forms: a top-tier media hit, an invitation to a conference, a new website that perfectly captures your essence. Browse our case study snapshots, capturing how we’ve helped our clients find their own version of success.

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