Why Investor Relations Must Never Stand Alone

“So do you do investor relations or public relations?”

It’s a question that the senior team of CanaleComm encounters often when out and about in the biotech world. The answer is both. But it’s an answer that many life science CEOs aren’t accustomed to hearing.

Too often in corporate communications, public relations and investor relations operate in silos. This can produce inconsistent messaging, lost opportunities to tell the corporate story in investor-facing materials (which often are consumed by media and other sources) and unremarkable investor presentations.

A successful investor relations strategy should be planned and executed hand-in-hand with public relations—collectively, we call this strategic communications. It accounts for what bankers and investors “expect to see” from an emerging life science company: the facts and figures, the investor overview slide, the milestone timeline. But it adds color to the black-and-white through storytelling and polished imagery, which also is leveraged in press releases, website content and media outreach. It demonstrates how you’re not just fitting a trend, but starting a trend.

With a strategic communication strategy inclusive of investor and public relations activities, you’ll optimize your story on every front. It’s not just about the numbers. It’s how you got to those numbers and where you want to go. It’s the story that investors really want to know.

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